Spring Break: Projects and Getting Nothing Done

Our homeschool schedule differs a bit from other homeschoolers I know and it looks nothing like a “traditional” school schedule.  But, I like it that way.  And so do my kids.  It works well for us and as I’ve told many people before, my favorite part of being a homeschooler is the flexibility it allows.  We have school almost year-round.  I know, you might be saying “wow, that’s dedication to learning!”  Yep!  But I’m not cramming lots of extra work on the plates in front of my children.  We work at a pace that is comfortable (sometimes that means taking a step back to really make sure a particular topic is understood and sometimes that means working ahead at warp speed).  When it’s time for a “break week” we all get excited.  Though I do actually still require a tiny bit of math and reading to be done even while on a break from school, these days off give us a chance to relax, add in some extra play time, and ditch our normal restrictions.  That usually means adding in watching a lot of movies, playing a lot of video games, and drinking chocolate milk all day.

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The Day I Got the Stink Eye

There’s a whole heck of a lot of mommy shaming out there these days.  If you are a mother and you are not living under a rock then I’m sure you’ve been exposed to it in some way.  It rears its ugly head through social media, mommy groups, and at random when out in public.  I have pretty thick skin so not much bothers me enough to be greatly offended.  But, I do get frustrated when mommy shaming hits close to home.  When someone I know tried to imply that I was harming my child by allowing the chemicals in disposable diapers to touch his skin I merely shook my head.  Sure, cloth diapers are better for the environment and probably better for my little babe’s skin, but seriously, I hate laundry enough to begin with so why would I add to that burden?  Once I had a friend tell me about how an acquaintance of hers scolded her children for not using hand sanitizer before sharing toys.  I get how some people become afraid of germs.  I’m not going to go as far as saying I think they are “crazy people”, but it’s a bit crazy to expect a 5 year old to carry around a bottle of hand sanitizer and then remember to use it just in case he might decide to share toys with another little boy and if he doesn’t, oops, he might be sharing some germs too.  It’s called building an immune system people.  When someone I know was feeling depressed about choosing to bottle feed her infant with formula rather than continue with her major struggle to breastfeed I tried to be very supportive even though I’ve never used formula myself, after all, how we choose to feed our children is our own choice, right?  I guess that’s not the case for the mommy shamers out there who try to make it sound as though the powder you are putting in a bottle is a mixture of a Happy Meal, GMO chemicals, non-organic gluten, and motor oil.

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