Cabin Fever

Truth be told it’s been a relatively mild winter here in Minnesota.  We had typical January sub-zero temps for about a week or so, but otherwise it has been almost pleasant outside.  So why then does cabin fever still hit so hard?  My quick answer is that our imaginations are subdued by the gray gloom of the sky (I said “almost pleasant” weather, not necessarily sunny skies!).  My long answer is a bit more complicated.  I don’t really think my children are suffering much from cabin fever, I’m walking this path alone.  I’ve allowed the small space of the walls around me to close in even further by letting clutter pile up.  I’ve determined that bulky winter jackets are a pain in the rear when you have to manage zipping and snapping four of them.  I’ve decided being a creative recluse sounds better than my actual existence.  As soon as I realized that I was suffering from a restless version of the winter gloom virus I decided it was time to end it.

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