Wait, what day is it?

Wow, it’s amazing how quickly weeks can fly by!  My hiatus from this blog (that barely had been started when I became distracted and ignored it) started with a sore throat.  My sore throat.  Anyone that knows me well knows that I dread getting a sore throat.  My tonsils are sort of rogue agents in my body that tend to attack rather than protect, they work in collusion with bacteria and then I’m down for the count for at least a week.  My immune system, thankfully, this time kicked butt and took names.  Not so lucky were the other members of my family.  It’s no fun when anyone in the family gets sick, but it’s especially hard when the littlest ones get sick.  We’d been lucky, at 16 months old this was the first time little Miss Sassy Pants had been ill.

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